How to Order

Winter Hours
6:30am to 3:30pm
Monday to Friday

Step 1
Click "Order on line". Tell us when you want your order to be ready. This first screen will ask you what time you want to pick up your order. (Immediately, Later Today, or Future date) Then enter a time using the drop down clock.
Step 2
Choose either "start ordering" or "recall last order". Choose your menu item: Salad, Stir-fry, Pasta, Sandwich, etc. Pick your item of choice by clicking on "ADD". When you click on "ADD", the next screen will ask you what you want on your requested item. After building your lunch item click "ADD TO ORDER" and you will see your order itemized on your bill. Continue do this until you have ordered all your required items.
Step 3
Submit your order for pick up: Click on "Finish and Pay". The first time you order you will need to set up a new account with a credit card. (After your first time ordering you will not revisit this step, you will simply enter your email address and password) Please note: your first order, like all orders, does not get sent to us unless you hit "submit"; therefore you can set up your account without actually placing an order.
Step 4
Congratulations, your work is done! Enjoy the extra time you saved by avoiding waiting in line for your Lunch! Your order can be picked up next to the cash at Le Cafe, at the time you requested.